Low-budget Football camp for all!

The location of the house and the infrastructure in Leukerbad is ideal for implementation of child-bearing sports, eg Football camp.

Prices are available from CHF 55.00 per participant per day.

On request we can organize the sports hall with indoor and outdoor soccer fields and more favorable "team entry" to the spa.

Depending on your need and number of participants, we can organize you other apartments in the same house "Holiday". The apartments can be occupied with   1-5 people. All apartments are equipped at least with cable TV, toilet / bathroom.

You can exercise various sports arts during your stay with your team in the sport hall of Leukerbad, eg Tennis, squash, badminton, mini golf, climbing, table tennis, gym, billiards, ice skating (in summer), etc. The best part is you can do your workout regardless of weather. Thus it is ideal for F-and E-junior teams.

Prices range from CHF 55.00 per day per player. The prices are individually and differently depending on number of participants. Below you can see an example of cost.

The price includes

  • - Overnight in 1, 2, 3 or 4-bed rooms, with cable TV, toilet / bathroom, kitchen, balcony
  • - Use of the sports hall (1 ½ hours), artificial turf or outdoor court
  • - A ticket to the spa or pool. More entries for the whole team can be demand for approximately CHF 10.00
      to 15.00
    per person.

Food is
not included, but a kitchen is in the apartments available. Therefore, you can cook your own meals (cost-saving). If required, we can arrange something at a restaurant.

Cost example

    10 players   15 players   20 players
3 nights / 4 days   CHF 199.00   CHF 193.00   CHF 189.00
4 nights / 5 days   CHF 266.00   CHF 258.00   CHF 253.00
5 nights / 6 days   CHF 332.00   CHF 322.00   CHF 316.00

We speak from experience and will assist you very much with prepared documents and organization of soccer camp.